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2010 Kimo’s Surf Contest

The Surfing Realtor Takes 3rd AGAIN!

33rd Annual Kimo’s Longboard Classic In Memory of Rob Thibaut

Buz with great company in the finals!

What a great day!!!!  I got the call from Jack Starr on Tuesday night that he was considering holding the event on Thursday which was a big surprise as it traditionally had been held on a weekend.  Since I have been resisting riding my long board for the past 18 months (up until the contest I had only ridden it 4 or 5 times in a year and a half) I thought I had better get it in the water.  For me it is so easy to get lazy and ride the long board every day that I just never take it out .  I stay on my 5’9″ in the summer and my 6’3″ in the winter – it keeps me paddling hard and my waist line down (not that far down as you can see in the pictures hahahaha).  Anyway my son Jesse and I surfed at first light Wednesday and after I took him to school I surfed one more time. We then surfed sunset again and I was starting to feel good on the log.   The long board I ride is a 10′ – 19 pound nose rider shaped by Mark Anderson (Honolua Underground).  We call it the Cucumber (yes it is green!!).  Just as a bit of trivia it was glassed by Vinnie Sides before his death – any one out there know what brotherhood he was in?  He was a classic old time glassier – the kind that for the most part live hard and die young.

The Surfing Realtor Hangin 10 to the finals!

On the day of the contest Jesse and I got to the beach about 5:30 am and I surfed about an hour – knowing that the contest was on I did not want to burn my self out with a hard core session, just relaxed and got a few tip rides.  The surf was a consistent chest high and very glassy – perfect really for long boarding.

The contest got started about 8am and with 54 contestants with a double elimination (losers bracket) it was sure to be a long day.   I started out in heat 4 so I had time to evaluate some of the competition and man some of the kids were ripping.  For the most part this is a classic long board contest (9′ + single fin – no cord) so it comes down to tip rides, drop knee turns and wave selection.  After watching the first few heats I was sure this was going to be a hard year to make the finials.

A Very Stoked Buz Moffett Gets 3rd Place…. Again!

Lucky for me age does have its advantages – you move a bit slower and think a bit harder – LOL.  After placing first in all my heats leading up to the finals I just felt lucky that I had gotten the waves that I did and that some of the biggest rippers drew other heats.  When it came time for the finals I was getting burnt out and my arms were starting to give out a bit.  I knew that they were only judging on the top three waves and the way I figured it that was about all I had left in me.  I got a smoker right off the bat and felt that if I could get two more of those I may be in the running.  After a few false starts I did get one more good wave.  I new that I had to pull off a set if I was going to knock MA and Albert out of first place so with 12 min left in the finals I paddled way out side and sat and waited – and waited – I am a patient man and many times it pays off – this was not one of those times.  When the horn blew sounding the end of the heat I knew that I did not have it in the bag for sure.  When I hit the beach the crowd all new what my plan had been and said I could still be in the running but it would be tight.

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Lahaina News Article

Lahaina News Article

Well it was a great day and an exciting final – I will take 3rd in a heart beat – just being in the finals is an honor with the stiff completion this year.  I would like to congratulate all my fellow competitors and thank them for making it a day to remember.  I would also like to offer this warning – get ready boys – next year I am really going to practice!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Aloha Buz


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