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2005 Indo Surf Adventure

Back Down to Sumatra


The Surfing Realtor’s 2005 Indo Surf Adventure

Come travel with Buz Moffett to the magical islands of Indonesia. Buz has been traveling to “Indo” for over 20 years and has surfed many great spots.

This year I decided that it was the perfect time to head back down to Sumatra, Indonesia and the Mentawai islands for some quality waves and a nice relaxing boat trip. With the two earth quakes and tsunami earlier this year I was hoping the crowds would be light and that I might get the opportunity to help some of the families that I had met over the years financially. The Plan was to hit G-land in Java for a few days then head up for the boat trip and then come back to Java for the end of the trip – well it did not quite work out that way but the end result was still a trip to remember.

Day One 7/3/05

Arrived in Bali at 10 pm with three new boards that had never touched the water. All Honolua Underground shapes by one of my very best friends, Mark Anderson. I had a 6’6”, a 6’10” (very thin for me 2.375”) and a killer 7’6”. I also brought my Bali buddy “Bang Bang” a 7’3” from Mark. I got picked up by Katut who works for the G-land camp and he dropped me off at the Malesti Hotel where Bang Bang and Brooky where waiting for me with the beers on ice.


Day Two 7/4/05

day2Slept in (most of the day to be honest)
did a bit of shopping – I try and not bring any cloths on these trips and just buy what I need when I get day2 (2)
in town. Went to the Japanese place next door for dinner and arranged the trip to G-land the next day.






Day Three 7/5/05

day3aGot our things together for the trip over land and on the ferry to Java with a night in the hotel in Bangi Wongi. Had lunch on the beach Kuta at the Pad day3bTie restaurant, the seafood basket is the bomb. The surf was small, 2 to 3 foot. Banger, Brooky and I headed out late and got into the hotel after the Chinese restaurant had closed so we had Nasi Garang (fried rice) from one of the street venders, it is always a little scary eating from a cart on the side of the road but we had them cook it well done with lots of chilies sauce and it was great. When we checked into the hotel they only had two nice rooms and two small rooms available so Banger mixed up the keys and we picked them at random – the driver, Suhatra, was so happy when he picked the best room that he did a little dance and kept yelling “lucky man! Lucky man” it was classic.


Day four 7/6/05

day4aWe got into G-land at 8am – the camp was packed and the surf was 4-6 foot solid – some close to triple overhead waves! A bunch of the day4bboys that I new where waiting for us. Kirk Lum, Pete from Ryder reefsuits, Big dog and his wife, Fabio, Tim from Kauai and a bunch of other friends along with the staff, it was great to catch up with them all. Surfed twice on the new 6’10” it was way to thin for an old guy with an extra 10 pounds around the gut, but once I got on the waves it worked great. I got some great waves but also got the shit kicked out of me! Welcome to G-land! Did some yoga and went down early



Day five 7/7/05

indo2005-51Surf still big so I decided to try the 7’6” for the paddling power, went out at 6am and surfed till 9:30 – board worked great – not to crowded indo2005-52

so I got lodes of waves! Went back out and surfed for 3 more hours after lunch – had a fish BBQ on the beach (thanks to Big Dogs fishing skill), did some yoga (my body was so sore it hurts to think) early to bed.





Day six 7/8/05

Waves went down a bit but still fun 3 to 5′ – rode the 6’10” from 6 to noon and figured that would be it for me for the day based on the rubber day6barms I was dealing with, took some ibeprophn and laid around the rest of the day and read. Had Bangers home made minestrone soup for dinner with a few beers and hung out with the boys. Brooky has a cold and he has me worried that he wont recover before the boat trip in two days – no beer for him.



Day seven 7/9/05

indo2005-055Left G-land at 8am for Bali –
had a few beers and some local food on the ferry and got back to Kuta at 5pm. Had Sushi and played music with day5Bangers till midnight.





Day eight 7/10/05

the-HobbsUp at 5am for the flight to Sumatra
– never let an Aussi that has months of travel time book your tickets. It took us almost all day with the perfect-sunsetlayover in Jakarta to make it to Padong – I hate waiting time in airports! Talked to the family back home and all it well. Hooked up with two of my best friends “the Hobbs” from Maui and Lee (with new pregnant wife Christina!! Congratulations you two!) in town and had a great time catching up. Also hung out with Serg and Doodee from Nias island (it was hit hard by the tsunami and earth quake) they where in Padong looking for work. It was great to see all the boys and I found out that the money that I had sent down to Nias to help my friend Uni rebuild his house made it. Took them all to dinner then got on the Santa Luisa boat at 7pm – 9 Aussi guys and a Yank (me)!


Day nine 7/11/05

When I got out of bed we were sitting at Lances Rights (HT’s)
it was a perfect 4 – 6 foot and the big ones were breaking out the back in the
“office” doubling up and heavy. Surfed the new 6’6” with the new strange vector fins (if you have not seen them you should check them out, they look like some one put them in the oven and they melted – very strange shaped). I surfed four hours in the morning and three more that afternoon. There were three boats on it so it did get a little crowded at a few points during the day but the waves quality was unreal and being that I had a few days of G-land under my belt I was getting some of the best longest tube rides I have had in months and months – it was by far the best I had ever surfed this spot. One of the Aussi guys brought a bottle of Wild Turkey and some Vodka, the Aussi surf guide, Rick, warned us that the Captain (never did figure out his name – every one just called him Captain (indo guy) was notorious for chugging hard liquor if it was left out. Sure enough he snuck down and put down about a third of each bottle at one time – the Aussi’s didn’t notice until the captain came dancing and singing out of the helm with his underwear on a few minutes later. The crew came running out when they heard him yelling “captain drank the liquor, captain drank the liquor” The Aussi’s were a little pissed off but the rest of us were on the floor cracking up. What a show!


Day ten 7/12/05

day-10-armyThe surf had gone down to 2 to 4 at HT’s – still very good and a few sets – I was the first one in the water but 2 other boats were on it as day-10-army-shipwell. It turned on shore after about an hour. The Rusty air team was on the Indi’s Trader II – all these kids were red hot doing tricks that I couldn’t even imagine doing – I surfed for 4 hours but by the end I was getting frustrated with the quality of the waves – we pulled anchor and were heading to Lances left when the Indonesian navy showed up to inspect all the boats papers. It took about an hour and the Indi’s II had some paper work issues and the rumor was that they were going to have to head back into Padong (12 hour trip) to fix it. That would cut 2 days of their surf trip and I know they were freaking out – what a drag because some booking agent did not do their job. We got to Lances left about 2 pm and the surf was a clean 3 to 4 foot – I went out at 3 and surfed till dark – got some incredible waves and right at sunset a few double over head tubes – killer waves and I am feeling strong and confident in the water – heading to Macaroni’s tonight.


Day eleven 7/13/05

day-11When I got up we were at Maca’s and there were four other boats as well. Surf was about 2-3 foot – Rick the Captain/surf guide (Aussi guy about day-11-thundersmy age, good surfer, that had married a girl from Jakarta) decided that we should head to Thunders 3 hours away. Got there at 9 am and surfed 4-6 foot clean waves till noon then again from 4 till dark – nice size drops and some good workable shoulders – the boys caught some Gar fish with their hands and it was funny as shit watching them. Ro-bot – was the main character. I finally got all the names of the other guys on the boat down – they are Sid and his son Rick, Liam – black hair – late drops, Rod – big fart guy, Chris – Rods buddy, Clint – top heavy, Ro-bot – got all cut up, James – video game, Brooky and me.


Day twelve 7/14/05

Got up early and was the first one out at Rags rights – it looked weak from the boat but Rick said get out there Buz and you’ll get some sick ones – he was right. It was not that big but it made up for it double in the quality of tube rides – some of the best longest tubes I have had in years. Surfed for 4 hours (first one solo) till I could hardly move – I am feeling in great shape but every muscle in my back is like a golf ball. We left for Macaroni’s and got there at 3:30 and surfed 3 more hours solid – it was 3 –5 but packed with 4 boats and 10 to 20 guys in the water – had some heavy competition in the water from the Rusty team, a few words but nothing to heavy considering I am twice all their ages. Had Macaroni for dinner.


Day Thirteen 7/15/05

Only one boat at Maca’s and 3 to 5 foot still – I was the first one out and got some great waves for the first hour till it turned side off shore winds – Had a hell season of 5 hours then again in the afternoon till dark – over eight hours in the water – with all the waves I just could not stop and go in. Had a few beers and slept like a rock.


Day fourteen 7/16/05

day-14-kidsMaca’s going off 5′ solid five boats 20+ guys in the water – surfed for an hour then headed back to Lances Rights (HT’s) and it was perfect 5′ with some double over head sets – just our boat so we all got loads of waves surfed from 2 till dark, big tubes and heavy drops. Sid caught a dogtooth tuna on the way down – had a very early night


Day fifteen 7/17/05

Wind side shore at HT’s –
checked Lances left but it was on shore – back to the rights and it cleaned up and we surfed for 4 hours – hit the bottom hard on my back and hand, I had got some small cuts in G-land and a few during the trip but this was the most blood so far. So worth it I would take blood like that every day for this quality of surf.



day-16-kids-are-kidsDay Sixteen 7/18/05day-16-more-kids

Surfed HT’s in the morning for 4 hours – perfect waves – we went to ___________ the main town in the Mentawai islands to get fresh water and Brooky and I took a nice long walk to stretch the legs – had fun with all the local kids. Hung out with some of the local surfers DEDE and ate chicken sate – after dinner on the boat went back in town with Sunny the cook and Brooky and I got messages and did yoga for about an hour – I had not done any real hard core stretching in about a week as it is very hard to get any done on the boat.

day-17Day seventeen 7/19/05day-17-hard-at-work

Surfed scarecrows all day solid 6 foot – I had been riding my 6’6” the whole trip and it had been working good but on these larger waves the vector fins were humming and starting to track on the larger waves – this is more of a Sunset wave so you need the paddling and speed – rode my 6’10” and am strong enough now to paddle it like a champ. It worked great and I got lot of waves – finished my 6 th book of the trip



Day eighteen 7/20/05

Rained like hell all morning – Hung at 7 palms till noon but did not surf – Rick said it was good but it looked like shit to me. Got to the playgrounds at 2pm and surfed till dark at no-can-do’ies – it was 3-4 and unmake able but some long tubes very shallow.


Day nineteen 7/21/05

Got to Hide a ways first thing in the morning and it was going off solid six foot – took out the 6’6” and it was a big mistake – ate shit on a huge set because I could not make it down the face of the wave – only 3 of use went out – it was heavy – strong current and shallow reef. Brooky came out and caught a killer set and went right in – I guess he figured that he got the best of it and did want to take a chance on one more. We headed to E-bay after a few hours and I surfed 3 more times through out the day – got close to 8 hours of water time – my body is so sore right now I can hardly move, but after about a 100 tube rides I guess I deserve it. Huge swell on the way but we only have one more day of surf left before we head in to Padang. Hoping to get to the Gillie Islands off Lombok for the swell – I heard it has a killer right-hander on a huge swell.


indo2005-063Day twenty 7/21/05

Surfed Hide a ways in the morning about 4 foot and not so good. Last day on the boat, picked up some guys from New Zealand that where stranded for a ride back into Padang. Surfed Scare Crows on the way back a good 5 foot and clean – cut my foot up good on the reef – drank beer till late with the boys – travel day tomorrow.




indo2005-064Day Twenty One 7/22/05

Spent the whole day in airports – tried calling home left a message – got to Bali at 8 pm beat tired.

Day Twenty Two 7/23/2005

indo2005-065indo2005-067Slept in then spent the day shopping –
dinner with Banger and Willow (from Aus) at Angison (sushi) – Bang Bangs special sushi roll is the bomb – Played music till 10. The boys are heading into G-land tomorrow – the Gillie Islands is not too big – we called down. I don’t have time left for the G-land trip so I am going to hang on Bali and surf.





Day twenty three 7/24/05


Got up at 5 am and took a bemo to Padang Padang – solid 5 foot with some bigger sets. Was the first one out and the sets where heavy and

indo2005-069shallow. Got slammed on the reef my first wave but then got it dialed and made some great tubes. Surfed till 9 am then back to Kuta – went out and checked the surf at Changoo but is was blown out. Had dinner at Tatarea Italian restaurant – very good. Played music with banger until they left at 11pm.





Day Twenty Four 7/25/2005

indo2005-073Took boat to Nusa Lombogen and stayed at the Bali Hi – High tide huts – very nice. Surfed Lacerations for four hours about 4 foot with a few indo2005-075larger sets – finally got it good after four trips over to surf it. Doggy the man had his boat out front and almost lost his tender on a big set – We all got caught inside getting out of the way of the boat if it went over the falls – funny shit. Surfed shipwrecks till dark then had a nice dinner – a little expensive but nice way to end the trip.






Just A Side Note

Over all it was a trip of a life time (until next years trip of course) and I feel like I really got as many waves as I could have no matter what. I ended the trip finishing 14 books and was feeling strong and healthy. I always second guess myself about spending this much time traveling (instead of just sitting on G-land and surfing every day) but with the quality of waves and the good fun of seeing friends that I would have missed otherwise it was worth it. I hope you enjoyed my 2005 surf adventure dairy and look forward to hearing from you – I love a good surf story.
Now that I am back at work I have some great memories to keep me going until the worst summer for surf here on Maui (according to my friends) ends and the winter surf starts showing up. I did have a great day at the Kimos Mala wharf long board contest on September 3rd – got third place for the second year in a row and was surfing great. Please give me a call when you are ready to start your adventure into the Hawaiian real estate.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my summer and I would love to hear about yours.  I know many of you reading this have known me for years so don’t be shy tell me what is going on in your life.

Buz ~ Your Surfing Realtor


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